• Uniform is compulsory for all the students (Jr. kg. to Std. X) and must be worn daily.
  • It is mandatory for all the students to wear the identity card daily to school.
  • From this academic year, the P.E uniform will be the school uniform for all students from Jr. Kg. to class X.
  • Boys and Girls of class Jr. Kg. to X will be required to wear Navy blue Short Pants & an Orange T-Shirt.
  • Jr. Kg. and Sr.Kg. students will wear a light blue jacket along with the school uniform.
  • Std I to Std X students will wear a black jacket along with the school uniform.
  • The school logo on the orange T-shirt should be embroidered and not embossed.
  • All Students are required to wear white socks and black multipurpose Reebok shoes. In case of injury, students may wear black/ grey floaters. No other form of footwear will be acceptable.
  • Girls must plait or tie their hair back using a black hair band or black rubber band if it reaches the shoulders. No fancy hair clips are permitted.
  • All boys must short and neatly cut hair.
  • Students are not permitted to wear any kind of jewellery while in school.
  • Mehendi on hands and painted nails are not permitted.
  • Punctuality is essential at all times and students who contravene this rule without a valid reason will be penalised. Students who come to school late are liable to be sent home
  • Story books or periodicals from outside should not be brought to school unless approved by the class teacher/subject teacher.
  • The School does not accept the responsibility for the loss of student’s books, pens, money etc. Each student is responsible for his/her own belongings.
  • Silence must be observed in the school during class hours and also while leaving the school.
  • Chewing of gum is prohibited on the school premises.
  • No collection of money should be made without the sanction of the Principal.
  • The Principal reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student if his/her behaviour or progress is unsatisfactory. Students should realize that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school, but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of school on the part of the students would make them liable for disciplinary action.
  • Parents are requested to see that students use the school bus and not private vehicles. Private vehicles are not allowed to take a U turn in front of the school gates. Kindly drop your children a little away from the school gates. Those students who travel by the school bus are excepted to be well - behaved and courteous in the bus. Anyone found misbehaving will be debarred from using the bus facilities.
  • The entry of parents into the school premises will not be permitted without the parents entry pass.
  • Severe action will be taken by the school authorities if any damage is done to the school property by any student. The student will be suspended or dismissed due to his/her misbehaviour and will have to undo the damage done.
  • Every student shall Endeavour to keep up the good name of the school by his/her manners and deportment.
  • No student is allowed to use the lift without prior permission from the authorities. Students are not allowed to operate the lift on their own.


The school encourages the students to take an active part in all sports activities available at the school. The following sports activities are available for our students throughout the year:

  1. Mini Tennis
  2. Cricket
  3. Football
  4. BasketBall
  5. P.E.

Click to Download Sports Registration Form.

  • No student will enter the swimming pool either for swimming or for any other purpose in the absence of an authorised Life-Guard or coach on duty.
  • A student found to be suffering from any contagious or infectious skin disease or open wound shall not be allowed to enter the pool premises.
  • Students should wear proper dark coloured swimming costumes while using the pool. Bikinis, transparent or white costumes and cotton clothes are strictly prohibited. Students should wear a proper swimming cap.
  • During swimming lessons, beginners should strictly follow the instructions and directions given by the coaches and in particular observe the following.
    • They should swim only in the shallow end of the pool until they are declared fit by the coach to swim at the deep end.
    • They should strictly adhere to the days and timings allotted to them for the lessons.
    • They should not receive lessons from unauthorized persons.
  • The Management shall not be responsible for any accident, injury or loss of life of any student caused at the swimming pool or its premises.
  • The right of admission to the swimming pool and its premises is strictly reserved by the Management.
  • The Management reserves the right to add or alter these rules at any time and make bylaws as it deems necessary. All students using the pool shall strictly observe the rules and bylaws which are in force.
  • No leave of absence is granted except for serious reasons and only on previous written intimation by the parent or guardian in the leave record page provided in this diary.
  • When a child is ill for a prolonged period the parent/guardian must write and inform the Principal. A medical certificate should accompany the letter.
  •  Unauthorised absence from school for a month or more, renders a student’s name liable to be struck off the roll.
  • Except on duly certified grounds, no extension of vacation is allowed.
  • No  student will be allowed to leave the school for a part of the day unless a note in the diary signed by the parent/guardian is produced, stating a valid reason. The Principal will then decide whether to grant the permission or not.
  • Medical appointments should be taken after school hours, unless there is an emergency.
  • Students who are absent from Periodic Tests or Continuous Comprehensive Evaluations may not be eligible for academic prizes and awards.
  • Students of Std. I and above will use the I.D. card as the library card.
  • No personal books, bags, satchel and lunch baskets are allowed in the library. Any personal books found will be confiscated. Only note books may be taken in.
  • In case of damage or loss of a book, the same has to be replaced by a new edition within a week.
  • Timings: Monday to Friday: 7.30 a.m. to 5.45 p.m. and Saturday: 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m
  • The Library will remain open for all the parents on Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. Minimum one book will be issued per week and will have to be returned back the following week. In case of damage or loss of a book, the same has to be replaced by a new edition within a week.
  • An Identity/Library card will be issued to the parents who wish to avail of this facility. The same has to be produced at the time of issuing and returning of the books.