Life At CNM School

Under the able guidance of the Supervisor, Ms. Asha Thakkar, all domains of growth for children be it cognitive, psychomotor, affective, or social is well integrated within the curriculum and implemented effectively by teachers.

Pre-primary education sets the tone for learning by nurturing inherent curiosity and a love for learning in children as at this stage, children are curious to explore, and love to inquire and learn.

The School’s Pre-primary Program ensures that children engage with knowledge for life, providing a safe and nurturing environment for learning.

The program enables a smooth transition of children to formal primary schooling by focusing on children’s interests and extending opportunities for learning by doing. The School uses innovative and engaging pedagogy by incorporating a blend of Montessori and Play-way techniques. The emphasis is on learning by involving all the five senses and engaging the children meaningfully. Emphasis is on holistic development of children – cognitive, physical, creative, emotional, social and general awareness.

Toys, clay modeling, sand play, role play and stories are used to engage children in learning. Music, dance, sports, arts, and library programs contribute to the holistic development of the children. As change is the only constant, the school has introduced Science explorations and coding at elementary level to foster critical thinking and problem solving. Pre-primary children are motivated to participate in Sports and Music classes embedded within the curriculum and exhibittheir artistic and sporting potential during Sports day and Annual social gathering.

Experiential learning is further strengthened through regular school field trips. In these excursions, children explore and experiment which helps to facilitate the learning of abstract concepts. It makes learning more effective as they gain vast ideas on the different topics and know things around their surroundings. Further it builds social skills and strengthens ties with the community.

Children come to school with diverse background experiences. It is the stories we tell, the songs we sing, and the traditions we build that bind the children together emotionally and intellectually, creating an optimal climate for learning, both social and academic. We take delight in making each child’s learning experience more memorable and meaningful through thoughtful attention to classroom rituals, traditions, and celebrations. Every year a theme is chosen like ‘Disneyland’, ‘Kultural Connections’; ‘Spectacular stories around the world’ and the entire community of parents, students, teachers and neighbourhoodschools gather to celebrate the rich global cultural diversity. These symbolic acts help us build a thriving community of learners.

Under the able guidance of the Supervisor, Ms. Alka Tandon, competency-based learning forms the crux of all academic and cocurricular activities. Students are encouraged to discover, engage, and reflect to help them develop into independent decision makers and empower them for the future.

We, at CNMS are committed to providing a safe, caring, happy, structured and challenging learning environment that is conducive, where each student is nurtured, valued and is motivated to reach his/her full potential. As Pre-schoolers walk into the Primary, thereis consistent hand-holdingfrom the teachers for them to embrace the formal school environment.

Constant efforts towards upgradation keeps us on par with the current developments taking place in the field of education. Classrooms are equipped with Senses Boards that allow immediate and easy access to latest information on the internet, active learning opportunities like AV support, interactive games that make the learning process fun and boosts a student’s creativity. Further, the in-house SVKM Student Portal supports students with absorbing academic projects and assessments and parents with latest school updates.

In today’s time and age, it is significant for the students to work and understand the technology around them. STEAM based curriculum integrates the five disciplines- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. The school has introduced ‘Global Outlook’ a STEAM based subject and Coding’ in the school curriculum in the academic session of 2019-2020 and since then successfully empowering the students with relevant knowledge in these respective subjects. Today, on the ‘Code Monkey’ online platform, the students have scaled levels at rapid pace to prove that the 4C’s in education; critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communicationare well imbibed within the curriculum.

‘Global Outlook’ aims at students having a global understanding on different topics. The students are sensitized to issues enabling them to have a deep understanding of the topics dealt with. Being a student driven subject, it empowers them to develop life skills like creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, the ability to communicate and collaborate, along with personal and social responsibility that contribute to good citizenship.

The remaining 2 C’s character and citizenship form the fundamental base for our teaching learning transactions and the 17 Sustainable Goals- (SDGs) serve as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. In October 2020, the school brought a six –week ‘Climate Change’ programme which saw over 10 million students from across 107 countries drawing on expertise from scientists, policymaker and activists from organizations like NASA, the World Wildlife Fund, and the United Nations. Our teachers along with students, had an educational experience in which our students interact with the students across the world through virtual classrooms and lessons. The activities related to climate change were engaged with great enthusiasm and positivity by the students.

Multiple Intelligence is developed in our students through multifarious activities and events and year round Sports, Yoga, Martial Arts, Swimming, Indian Music, and Western Music is integrated within the school timetable to hone the student’s skills. Students are familiarized to the competitive world by guiding them and connecting them to inter house and interschool activities held at District, State, National and International level.

Under the able guidance of the Vice Principal, Ms. Aditi Vajandar, experiential and inquiry-based learning is promoted through classroom transactions and curriculum development. Students are encouraged to develop their own agency by offering them a range of opportunities within and outside school.

Education – A Treasure Beyond Measure’ is the gospel which forms the cornerstone of our mission at the Secondary Section. As students transition from the Primary to Secondary, they are empowered to become more independent, responsible and accountable. The 6 C’s in education namely communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, citizenship and character are further strengthened to facilitate holistic learning, and be prepared to meet the global challenges once they step out of school.

The curriculum program is designed in a manner that academic concepts are entrenched deeply for students so as to connect them with real life and be meaningful and relevant for their doorway into the professional world. The teaching strategies are differentiated to suit our learner's learning styles. Through ongoing learner centric class, research projects, worksheets and case studies, the class environment resonances with student’s voices and perspectives.

Each individual is unique and hence we endeavour to offer a platform that lets every student discover his/her untapped potential, hone existing as well as newly acquired skills and showcase talents. Sports and Music play an integral role in harmonising their physical and mental balance. The Student Council is chosen through a democratic process and students are empowered to display their leadership skills on varied platforms. Further, a gamut of programs covering a wide spectrum of themes such as STEM Magic, Coding, Global Outlook, MUN, and the Literati Fest to name a few, have been seamlessly blended into the ethos of the school.

The school has initiated an entrepreneurship program, namelythe ‘School Enterprise Challenge’ from UK for students of Std. IX to XII to sharpen their business acumen. The business, ‘Cutting Edge’ commenced in 2019 where students created bags from old dupattas and bedsheets shared by the school community, sold them at varied events and won the Bronze level. In 2020, they diversified and created purses along with bags and won the Silver level. In 2021, given the tough COVID times, they coordinated through virtual platforms and fashioned masks which has been appreciated by School Enterprise Challenge and shared on their website to all around in the world.

‘Assessment is today’s means of modifying tomorrow’s instruction’ and the ongoing formative and summative assessments within the school develop within students the confidence to sail through the Board exams with ease and comfort, facilitating them togain entry into a stream of their choice. Ongoing Career counselling, Career fairs is enabled for students to gain an insight into Industry needs and expectations and thereby reflect on their potentials and sharpen their skills to gain admission in to a career of their choice.

The school believes that teacher- student bond is sacred and deep. The Mentor- Mentee programme initiated by our Principal Ms Kavita Sanghvi in 2019 wherein one teacher mentors 7 to 8 students across the year has been a success, especially during the Covid times when the students require emotional and psychological help to fight against these stressful times.

At the end when every CNMite moves out from school, he or she is a confident global citizen aiming to reach their personal goals.

The Senior Secondary Section of CNM School offers the ISC XI & XII (Indian School Certificate) course for students interested in continuing their studies with the CISCE after completing ICSE. The course is recognized by the universities in India and abroad. The Syllabus prepares the students for competitive examinations as the syllabus is in line with the CBSE XII board syllabus.

Students are offered the Science and Commerce Stream with a wide range of subjects for selection. They are supported with regular career guidance and counselling sessions so that they select a professional course as per their dreams, skills and abilities.

The faculty is highly trained with years of teaching experience. Their expertise indorses them to instruct high quality education to the students. With the result, that the students have performed academically well and are placed in esteemed universities both nationally and internationally.

A range of cocurricular activities like Indoor and outdoor Sports, MUN, Debates, Field trips, STEM & Literary Events, Educational excursions are designed for them to sharpen their skills and be ready for a challenging professional world. They are motivated to participate in interschool, state level and national competitions and build their resume for better professional opportunities



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