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President's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are an institute which adopts a fresh approach to Holistic Education, one that is not constrained by tired old traditions and practices. We seek help from industry and academics in coming up with the School programs. The result is an education that has a fine balance of theory and practice, and analytical and hands-on skills: one that produces mastery in doing but guided by conceptualization.

“Everything happens in the classroom.” We continue to review and change our curriculum to provide the rigor that will enhance our students’ achievement, prepare them for an ever more complex and competitive world, and give them the tools they need to become productive citizen in our global society.

Thanks to the commitment of all concerned, CNMS has evolved into a front-ranking school with an enviable infrastructure, world-class facilities, and the highest educational standard, most importantly, it has a great team spirit – spearheaded by the Principal, nurtured by the faculty and staff, and enriched by domain specialist, resources people and parents. Together, they have made CNMS a wonderful experience and a campus that strives for outstanding excellence – 24*7.

Amrish R. Patel