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From Director's Desk

As we unfold the new academic year for the batch of young rosebuds into CNMS of 2015, our focus is on Scientific Learning, Child Safety and providing Universal Education.

Our Pre-Primary Program recognizes that young children learn best in an environment rich in sensory experiences. The core curriculum is supplemented by “enrichment” classes through the Smart Start Program using the Smart Boards to enhance their learning. Our Free Play, Music, Art and Drama activities stimulate creativity and self-expression. Our unique and fully equipped science lab space helps our youngest students grasp basic science concepts through observation and manipulation of a variety of materials. As a child progresses through Pre-School, more emphasis is laid on an all-round development to face the challenging world.

Thematic units of study include instruction in the areas of language, art, reading readiness, mathematics, social studies and sciences. Daily language, speech and auditory development activities help children to listen, understand, speak and learn effectively. The Pre-Primary Section seeks to maximize the academic potential of each child while fostering a positive self-image and providing the skills necessary for the next level of education. In space addition, there is an emphasis on activities and materials designed to develop the full range of motor skills and scientific learning.

Thank you to the SVKM Management for providing us with all the resources and a free hand to achieve our goals. Our team, our parents and our children make CNMS truly a temple of hope and light and a place with lots of (TLC) Tender, Loving, Care!!!

Smt. Girija Mohan